Grass growth has risen over the last week to 72kgDM/Ha/day.  Grass growth is predicted to rise further to 84 kgDM/Ha/day during this week and fall back slightly to 80kgDM/Ha/day next week.

Grass quality is similar to last week and currently has a dry matter of 16.5%, ME 11.5, Crude Protein of 16.9%, Sugars 13.4%. 

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Management notes:

  • Current growth rate is marginally above the seasonal average and is predicted to increase further over the next two weeks, due to ideal growing conditions.
  • Grass quality is around the seasonal average.
  • As grazing conditions improve, aim to get back on track with fertiliser. applications and topping, if required, to ensure quality and quantity going forward
  • Continue to monitor concentrate fed rates and adjust accordingly, in line with cow body condition, grass quantity/quality and prevailing grazing conditions.
  • Keep walking the grazing platform to monitor supply, aiming to have pre-grazing covers of 2800 – 3000 kg DM/ha. Be proactive in cutting paddocks out now if grass is getting too long for grazing and get them back into the cycle.