Demonstration of STAMP Farm Level Antimicrobial Use Benchmarking Tool
Wednesday 03 March 2021, 08:00pm
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Any opportunity to engage farmers in meaningful animal health and welfare discussions brings great advantage to vets as the key trusted, independent advisor and advocate on farm. These discussions strengthen the position of the vet by helping farmers see veterinary services with renewed appreciation for the depth of knowledge involved and the full alignment with farmer’s business needs.

Getting the time to invest in preparation for these discussions is often the biggest challenge for busy vets who otherwise fully see the advantage to their practice, their farmer’s business, animal welfare and environmental factors. The data and calculations can take hours per farm to draw together via manual processes.

The STAMP project has aimed to solve this issue for vets and farmers when preparing for discussions on antimicrobial use by creating an automated way for vets to produce antimicrobial reports quickly and easily in minutes from existing records.

In association with AVSPNI the partners of the STAMP project (AgriSearch, AFBI, AHWNI, LMC and Farm Vet Systems) will be holding a demonstration of the farm level antimicrobial use benchmarking tool which has been developed by Farm Vet Systems (VetImpress) as part of this project,

The STAMP (Strategic Use of Antimicrobials in Dairy, Beef and Lamb Production) project aims to develop a user-friendly system to benchmark antibiotic usage and provide decision support tools to help producers on commercial farms in Northern Ireland improve animal health. The project is co-funded through DAERA’s Research Challenge Fund.

Mar 3, 2021 08:00 PM

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