EuroDairy will be holding a webinar on "How to minimise silage losses this winter" on Monday 11th December at 6pm (UK time).

What to expect: During ensiling and feeding-out nutrients losses are common from silages. These losses, which can be very high, are influenced by various factors including silage dry matter content, type of crop being ensiled and the storage system used. The amount of bad silage farmers manually discard is usually fairly small, but the invisible losses where the dry matter disappears as CO2 and heat can exceed 15% in bunker silos. However, good management techniques can reduce this to below 5%.

Join Rolf Spöndly and Elisabet Nadeau for this webinar which focuses on reducing silage losses through the winter period. Rolf will discuss why dry matter losses occur during silage making, what accelerates these losses and minimising techniques. Elisabet will discuss biological factors that have an effect on losses from various silage crops and how using additives can help reduce losses.

Rolf Spörndly is an Associate Professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in the Animal Nutrition and Management Department. His interest is in feed evaluation and preservation, especially in the relationship between ensiling silages and dairy cow nutrition. His research focuses on developing methods to reduce nutrient losses at ensiling, increasing forages utilisation and feed efficiency and enhancing net milk income minus feed cost. Previously in his career, Rolf was a National Extension Officer in Dairy Production for 10 years at the Research Information Centre at SLU and before that spent 10 years as Head of Extension at a farmer cooperative in Sweden.

Elisabet Nadeau is an Associate Professor at SLU in the Animal Environment and Health Department. She is currently focusing on silages, use of additives and forages utilisation by ruminants. Elisabet has a joint appointment with The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society “Hushållningsällskapet Sjuhärad” where she works with farm advisors to transfer knowledge onto Swedish dairy farms. Elisabet spent 11 years in the USA researching forage conservation and dairy cow nutrition.

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