EuroDairy will be holding a webinar on the carbon foot print of milk and the Life Carbon Dairy Project.  This will take place on Monday 25th June 2018 at 18:00.

Dairy production has opposing effects on climate change. It generates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions but can regulate climate through carbon storage in soils. This means that management techniques can impact on the sustainability of agriculture. Studies reveal that knowledge gaps exist amongst French Dairy farmers about the use of different agricultural practices on GHG emissions and in the availability of new innovative practices that possess low carbon footprints.

Join Catherine Brocas for this webinar where she will discuss the key results from the 4000 dairy farms followed in the Life Carbon Dairy project. She will describe the main practices contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of milk and also how it improves recourse and economic efficiency of dairy farming.

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About the speaker
Catherine Brocas is a specialist in environmental topics at the French Livestock Institute, Idele. Catherine manages different project focusing on the carbon footprint of milk. She leads on the French project, Life Carbon Dairy, which aims to promote milk production capable of reducing GHG emissions by 20% over 10 years.