“Finishing Beef” will be the title of two events targeted at beef farmers, that are being organised by AFBI, CAFRE, AgriSearch and the LMC.  The events will be held on Tuesday 10th September 2019 in Ballymena Livestock Market and Thursday 12th September 2019 in Markethill Livestock Market.  Both events start at 7pm and will last for approximately two hours.  

These events are part of a series on “Future Proofing Beef & Sheep Farming” which are being held during 2019 to communicate the latest findings of beef and sheep research.

Colin Smith and Seamus McMenamin from the LMC will discuss market specification and consumer demands. 

Francis Lively from AFBI, Hillsborough will outline the nutritional requirements of beef cattle and Natasha Ferguson from CAFRE will discuss feeding options for the forthcoming winter.

Lindsey Drummond from AFBI’s Veterinary Sciences Division will discuss animal health planning for the housing period including dosing and vaccination.

Denise Lowe from AFBI, Hillsborough will outline the findings of recent studies on flooring systems for beef housing.

Finally, David Farrell from AFBI’s Food Research Branch will discuss how farmers can maximise meat quality.

All farmers / landowners are welcome to attend. Further information can be found on the AgriSearch website.   Please note that photographs and videos will be taken at this event for promotional and knowledge exchange purposes to include press releases, social media and websites.