A virtual farm walk on animal health and welfare, taking place on Monday 5th October at 8pm, is expected to highlight the challenges that will be faced on farm in the coming years. This is the fifth online event in the successful series hosted by AgriSearch for the European Innovation Initiative (EIT) partners. The partners are ABP, John Deere along with Queen’s University and the University of Reading.

Prof. Eric Morgan, QUB

Prof. Eric Morgan and Dr. Gareth Arnott of Queens’ University will be the event’s guest speakers at the event entitled “Adapting to a changing world, a focus on sustainable parasite control and the evolution of animal welfare concepts”. Queen’s University is a global leader with regards research in this topic and the content will focus on the challenges that lie ahead for the farming sectors.


Dr Gareth Arnott, QUB

Eric Morgan is a globally recognized European veterinary specialist in parasitology. His research interests focus on the role of climate in shaping parasite epidemiology in a wide range of systems, and how better understanding in this area can aid control. In this talk he will speak on the topic of parasite control in grazing livestock and the effect drug resistance and climate change will have in the coming years.


Gareth Arnott is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare with a research track record that spans from fundamental research to applied farm animal welfare and veterinary science. His current farm animal welfare projects include examining factors influencing dairy cow welfare and the development of novel sensors to support performance, health and welfare in cattle. His talk will focus on the wider topic of animal welfare, its impact and how it interacts with the ‘One Health’ concept.


The two farmers ambassadors for this project, Sam Chesney from County Down and James Evans from Shropshire, both suppliers to ABP, will also speak on the steps they are taking on farm to maintain animal health and welfare standards amidst changing policy and advice.

A recording of this event can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/ORMcmpL5gOo