Jillian Hoy has been appointed Research Manager with the farmer-funded research body, AgriSearch. Jillian, who is from a Co. Antrim farming family, has a Masters of Science in Forest Eco-System Management and a first class Honours Degree in Ecological Science. She was previously employed with the Scottish Wildlife Trust where she was responsible for project managing the development of the Peatland Code, a voluntary certification scheme to encourage peatland restoration. Prior to that she was Contract Manager for Acoura Ltd, a certification body specialising in food, farming and environment.










At AgriSearch she oversees a number of projects including GrassCheck and the Dairy Robotic Milking Systems project.  She also co-ordinates four Operational Groups who recently submitted second stage applications for European Innovation Partnership funding. She has a particular interest in land use within a social and environmental context. She will be assisting AgriSearch as a knowledge exchange catalyst to help Northern Ireland farming remain relevant and resilient in changing times.