AgriSearch has welcomed the announcement by DAERA Minister Edwin Poots of an investment of £10 million to develop new beef research facilities at AFBI, Hillsborough and CAFRE.

AgriSearch Chairman Seamus McCaffrey said, “AgriSearch has long called for new beef research facilities at AFBI, Hillsborough.  The current facilities are very dated and no longer fit for purpose, severely curtailing the ability of AFBI to carry out beef research.


“AgriSearch welcome this much needed investment in beef research facilities.  Beef farmers are facing many significant challenges including the need to lower their carbon footprint and improve profitability.  Research has a pivotal role in addressing these challenges, but such research can only be carried out if adequate facilities are in place.   We hope that every effort will be made to expedite the construction and commissioning of these new facilities.


“AgriSearch also welcomes the plans to integrate the future development of beef research, knowledge exchange and education at AFBI and CAFRE.  We are pleased to see measures being put in place to rebuild the links between research and education which have been severed since the implementation of the O’Hare review in 2006 and we call for the involvement of Queen’s and Ulster Universities in this new integrated approach”.


“AgriSearch looks forward to engaging constructively with DAERA, AFBI, CIEL, CAFRE and the Universities to create a portfolio of beef research that will help Northern Ireland beef farmers meet the challenges of these rapidly changing times”.