Project code: DCNI-D-09-99

Team and Leader

Organisations Involved Dairy Council for Northern Ireland

Background and Summary

Pasteurisation is a fundamental process within in the dairy industry. It is a universally accepted process, which is defined in both national and international regulations. These regulations define minimum time temperature combination and the conditions to be acheived in the pasteurised milk, rather than being prescriptive about the process. 

This means that there are different time-temperature combinations that can deliver the required conditions in the pasteurised milk. This project sought to evaluate a number of different time-temperature combinations that may improve effectiveness and efficiency, while still meeting the regulatory requirements.



Pasteurisation is at the heart of consumer confidence in milk and dairy products. Anything that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of pasteurisation and which can reassure consumers about the safety of milk and dairy products would be beneficial for the industry as a whole.