Project code: D-01-97

Team and Leader  S Mayne

Organisations involved Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland - S Mayne and T Keady

Background and Summary

The survey of Northern Ireland dairy farmers on research priorities highlighted a need for the industry to have more information on how to improve milk composition. While new innovative research programmes can be developed to further progress this area the first need was for farmers to be made fully aware of the considerable amount of information which already existed from previous research. 

This particularly, but not exclusively, applies to work undertaken at Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland. This project therefore was based on the production of a farmer orientated booklet, on how to improve milk composition.


6,000 copies of booklet produced by 31 December 1997


The value of milk sold off farms is related to milk composition - especially milk protein content. For example an increase in milk protein of as little as 0.01% would increase the value of milk sales off farms by £460,000. In addition, for the processor, milk composition dictates the yield of milk products achieved.

Project News Update

All livestock enterprises are facing major challenges due to the present difficult economic climate. It is therefore vitally important that producers make use of the relevant information gained from research programmes. This booklet will bring together the most up-to-date information from research programmes at Hillsborough to ensure that it is widely available to the industry.

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