Project code: DBS-04-97

Team and Leader Dr. R. Steen

Organisations involved ARINI - C.S. Mayne, D. Patterson, A. Carson, and Economics Research Division

Background and Summary

Ruminant livestock production is facing major challenges brought about mainly by the difficult economic climate which now pervades. It is our view that while new innovative research programmes are in hand to help farmers produce milk, beef and lamb more profitably the first need is for farmers to be made fully aware of the considerable amount of research information which is already available on lower cost production systems. 

This particularly, but not exclusively, applies to work undertaken at the Agricultural Research Institute of Northern Ireland. This proposal is therefore for a farmer orientated CD on the application of research to reduce the costs of producing milk, beef and sheep.



Industry will obtain directly relevant, up to date, information on options for reducing production costs

Project News Update

Copies can be obtained from Lynsay at AgriSearch.