Project code: VSD-DB-34-06 

Duration 3 years commencing Autumn 2006

Team and Leader Dr S Kennedy, Dr D Graham, Dr H Ball

Organisations Involved Veterinary Science Division (VSD)

Background and Summary

VSD investigations have shown that:

90% of affected farms within 500m od a source of poultry litter
5 - 10% of farms had weak or no apparent links with litter

33% of farms had poultry litter spread on affected field or stacked on farm
46% of farms had poultry litter stacked or spread on adjacent farm.

Costs to farmers:

Cattle deaths - up to 60+ beef cattle
Loss of production
Veterinary costs
Vaccine costs
Costs of withholding meat and milk

Not licensed in EU
VMD policy
Not permitted in ROI
Single source of supply, imported from Australia
Future availability not guaranteed



work will add value to existing DARD research
Beeter understanding of what has changed
Improved ability to manage risk in cattle herds
Better diagnosis
Data to influence FSA policy