Improving nutrient management within intensive grassland-based systems of milk production (D-29-06)



This report begins with an ‘Executive summary’ which highlights key findings of the research undertaken.  The body of the report is then presented in five distinct sections.  Section 1 describes the dairy cow production study undertaken and examines the performance of the cows on each of the four experimental systems.  Section 2 provides a detailed description of the establishment and management of the experimental ‘farmlet’ site used to measure nutrients losses.  In Sections 3 and 4, details of nutrient losses measured within the farmlet site are presented.  Finally, Section 5 provides a detailed description of four plot experiments which were undertaken to examine strategies by which to reduce phosphorus losses from applied slurry.

A review of herbage mass estimation techniques appropriate for Northern Ireland, and suggested developments to improve adoption and accuracy of grassland management assessments (D-64-13)

The objective of this review is to establish the potential and accuracy of the grass measurement methodologies that are currently applicable to Northern Ireland, with a particular focus on the relationship between compressed sward height and herbage mass, and to identify strategies that could be used to improve accuracy and adoption of grassland measurement technologies.